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Products and other Services


  • Higher performing filtration materials from HEPA rated to N95

  • Pleating, die-cutting, sonic welding, slitting and lamination

  • Manufacturing sub-components to finished framed filters

  • Contract Manufacturing

  • We maintain large inventories of finished and raw goods of filter materials to support our customers.


  • Cabin Air

  • Medical Respiratory Care

  • Equipment filtration

  • Bacterial and Viral Filters

  • Smoke evacuation laser surgery

  • Personal Protection

  • Custom Filters

  • Industrial Filtration

  • Injection Molding

Testing & Evaluation

  • Pressure Drop / Resistance

  • HEPA Testing

  • Fractional Efficiency Testing

  • Particle Counting

  • TSI Automated Tester

Our lab provides specific information to assist our customers in performance evaluation and materials selection. We are able to assess material performances at our customer-specific application parameters. These values are then compared and provide alternate options to our customer's new or existing applications.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can EFCI test our current filter?
    Yes. Our test lab can accommodate many different sized filters. This information can be used to either improve the current design or produce a new filter.
  • Does EFCI inventory product?
    We work close with our customers to assure satisfaction. We support KANBAN and related Inventory programs to maintain inventories for immediate product release.
  • Is EFCI ISO certified?
    Yes. We maintain a QMS that not only maintains quality but also seeks for continual improvement.
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